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Queerness meets funk with Groove Down's electric 2nd single: Somebody

In this blog, we celebrate the soaring success of one of Edinburgh's finest musical gems - Groove Down. If you were lucky enough to catch their electrifying performance last summer at one of our Saughton Park events, you know exactly why we're thrilled to share this news.

Groove Down will release their second single, 'Somebody,' on Friday, April 5th. Below, you can read their press release. We encourage you to support Edinburgh's vibrant music scene by listening, sharing, and spreading the word about this incredible local talent.

Groove Down. From L-R: Joan Blasco (Keys), Michael Fallemann (Guitar), Rue Cooper (Vocals & Lyrics), Xabi Villares (Drums), and Gregor Wilson (Bass). Image Credit: Marina Braw Photo (@marina_braw_photo)
Groove Down. From L-R: Joan Blasco (Keys), Michael Fallemann (Guitar), Rue Cooper (Vocals & Lyrics), Xabi Villares (Drums), and Gregor Wilson (Bass). Image Credit: Marina Braw Photo (@marina_braw_photo)

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, 12 March, 2024– Two years ago, Groove Down formed with the vision of reviving Edinburgh’s funk and disco scene with original music. Today, the 5-piece band shows that they’ve come far on that mission with releasing their 2nd single Somebody. The single is a representation of the multicultural group’s varied – yet complimentary – musical backgrounds of funk, soul, disco, jazz, gospel, and rock, resulting in a 5 minute tune that is both experimental and familiar.

Since their emergence, Groove Down has become a well-known band at the forefront of the Edinburgh music scene. Regularly performing at live music venues such as Whistle Binkies, The Three Sisters, Stramash, and The Jazz Bar, as well as being regular holders of the Saturday Night entertainment slot at Eve, Virgin Hotels, Groove Down has accumulated a dedicated following due to their high-energy and electric performances, as well as the catchiness of their original melodies.

“Groove Down are an exciting new band that I have had the privilege of witnessing and working with,” says Virgin Hotels Edinburgh’s Regional Director of Entertainment Giles Walker. “They bring an exciting new twist to a beloved tradition of funk and soul in the north east through the combined efforts of the top notch musicians and powerhouse vocalist.”

After a successful week-long international tour around Mallorca, Spain last spring, Groove Down’s next checkpoint was recording and distributing their original music across the UK and beyond. Their release of the debut single Walk on By in October 2023 coincided with the departure of former bassist Franco Bramuglia. However, Somebody is Groove Down’s emergence from a period of taking stock – a confirmation that they’re ready for all that 2024 has in store. An independent production, Somebody was recorded between Edinburgh College’s Milton Campus and producer George Batiste’s home studio.

The tune details a night of two women falling for each other at the club, hitting it off so well that they eventually decide to go home together where trouble arises in the morning. Batiste’s production emphasises tight percussion and intoxicating riffs, keeping the energy high throughout the electric track. Somebody is available for streaming on all music platforms 5th April, 2024. Keep up with Groove Down’s journey and music on Instagram. Please contact for interviews, press guest list, and further info.



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