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Fantastic feedback from musicians, attendees and supporters of Music in the Community…..why not come join us?!

Richard Bull, Producer, Roddy Hart/Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

I greatly appreciate the work Music in the Community has done to encourage and promote music, providing a much-needed nurturing and ethical environment for people to enjoy and create music. I always look out for news of events, and listen with great interest to the music that emerges from the project.

''Everyone we met was professional, capable and made us feel very welcome. I’d recommend any artist grab the opportunity to take part if they have the opportunity.'' Robin, Dark Hearts''

''We really enjoyed working with Music in the Community. It's always great to see organisations supporting the local scene, and Music in the Community not only did that by inviting us to play but also created a very welcoming atmosphere. Communication was very clear and respectful and we appreciated that the payment process for our engagement was smooth and transparent. We had a great time at Broomhouse Community Hub, which is a lovely community centre and excellent venue and are grateful for the continued support via our social media. We recommend you check them out!'' Coma Cat

''Having seen how Music in The Community encourages up-and-coming and experienced musicians to come together in Edinburgh is fantastic.'' Adam Place

''You guys at Music in the Community are the best! What a great experience - you are all super professional and we would do it again anytime!'' Jacqueline, Dark Hearts

''I love that Music in The Community supports the local community and all the resources they provide about the music industry'' - Sonia D.

''I found the "Music in the Community event" very welcoming and a great opportunity to share art and meet new people. It's a great platform for getting members of the community together and shows a positive approach to young members of the creative arts industry.'' Will Oke

''What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A big thanks to all the artists and staff who made us feel incredibly welcome. So great to see local live talent again and the food was amazing!! Well done guys, looking forward to the next one already!'' Kimberley Fletcher

''Working with MITC was a really great experience. They were great communicators and really flexible about recording and the set up of the gig. The facilities are amazing and I look forward to playing there again soon!' Lou McLean

''We had an amazing time playing in Saughton Park on 30/09. Everyone involved in soundcheck, receiving us and organization are really kind and professional, you can tell they organize these events with love. Thank you so much for having us and for bringing people together through music!!' Patagonia Latin Sound

“MIC do a great job for bands like ourselves to be more exposed.”
- Blonde Secret

''We’re so thankful to music in the community for creating this opportunity for us'' - Shambolica

''It’s so great to have Music in the Community - it's such a fantastic opportunity for young people and older people to get together and enjoy music”
-  Father Jack

''Music in the Community's event is nothing short of spectacular. It's a platform where budding talents, regardless of their experience, shine brightly for all to see.''- James Low

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