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All about Music Insurance

As a professional musician, your musical instrument is not simply your passion, but your livelihood. When your musical instrument is your voice, that is especially important and quite scary.

You need to consider specialist insurance cover for professional musicians, whether you are a session musician, part of an orchestra, or are travelling to perform home or abroad (haha), and you need to ensure you have the cover you need.

Think about:

  • Worldwide cover

  • No time restrictions on travel

  • All risks covered (fire, flood, loss, theft, accidental damage)

  • Depreciation in value following an accident

  • Cover whilst travelling (as long as the musical instrument is in a hard case)

  • Cover whilst at home

  • Some also provide some optional extras

  • Cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions

  • Public Liability

If you rent your instrument, you will more than likely be responsible for making sure that it is correctly insured.

Coming soon…Some suggested insurers who are recommended.



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