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Blonde Secret - rocking Edinburgh's music scene

"Our goal is to smash the patriarchy while making people dance."

This is today's guests' bloggers' mission, and they rock while doing just that!

We asked Blonde Secret to tell us more about their band and offer some advice for musicians at the start of the road. We invite you to listen to their music and follow their journey at

How did Blonde Secret start, and who are the band members?

Blonde Secret started back in 2019, playing covers of female-fronted 90s rock bands. We've gone through line-up changes and a pandemic since, and our sound has evolved, but we are still a female-led rock band. The current lineup is one year old, and we have Bego as our frontwoman, Cami on guitar, bassist Maria and drummer Si.

Why did you choose to cover the 90's female music bands?

The band was really inspired by strong iconic frontwomen that we grew up listening to such as Shirley Manson, PJ Harvey, Skin from Skunk Anansie, Courtney Love, Melissa Auf der Maur and of course, Debbie Harry! There's too many amazing female musicians to mention, but they all really influenced us to start playing, and learning their songs was the starting point to us writing our own music.

Tell us about your music/albums/next events

We just had our last gig of 2022 at Legends this past Saturday with two brilliant bands, Rénovations and Bufandas, and it was a fantastic night!

We are kicking of 2023 by recording our first EP in January, which should hopefully be released to any music platforms in February and available for purchase in our merch stand!

We're also playing Leith Dockers on February 10th, then a fundraising event for Girls Rock School in March/ April, as well as Sneaky Pete's on April 22nd, with more gigs TBC.

What do you like/find challenging about the Edinburgh music industry?

Edinburgh has a good rock scene and there is a growing network of female musicians who support each other. We've been lucky to share a stage with some really talented people. The challenging part is finding venues to play gigs in such a touristy city.

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Taking over the world... Or just doing what we're doing now, having fun on stage and making people dance!

Can you recommend any organisations that help musicians/any that you receive help or advice from?

Bego, Cami and Maria attended Girls Rock School, a platform that encourages women and non-binary people to learn an instrument or sing. Most of us had not been in bands before but the experience gave us the confidence to join one. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to start a band.

Who inspires you?

We are inspired by anyone who's passionate about what they do... especially when they are able to express freely who they are in a beautiful creative way.

What advice would you give a musician at the start of the road?

Don't worry about getting everything perfect from the start, just get out there on stages and learn from your mistakes. Otherwise you'll miss out on a lot of fun!

Thank you, Blonde Secret!



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