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Four Square Park Café: Where Music Meets Meaning

Last Sunday, we hosted the first live music event in the newly opened Four Square Café, and it was a fantastic afternoon.

Nestled in the beautiful Saughton Park, this charming café boasts a beautiful location and delectable food and drinks but also stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for those experiencing homelessness or at risk.

Four Square Cafe Saughton Park
Four Square Cafe

Beyond the stylish decor and inviting ambience, Four Square Park Café is on a mission to make a difference in the community. Profits generated from the cafe contribute to income generation, providing volunteering and training opportunities that support individuals facing homelessness across Edinburgh. It enables individuals to embark on a journey towards stable housing and self-sufficiency.

We extend an invitation to support their commendable efforts. Your visit not only indulges your taste buds but contributes to a broader cause of positively impacting the lives of those experiencing homelessness. It's a cup of coffee with a side of compassion, and every sip helps build a stronger, more inclusive community.

But that's not all—in collaboration with Music in the Community, Four Square Café adds a musical touch to its offerings. 

Save the dates for the upcoming live music events on January 28, 2024, February 11, 2024, and February 25, 2024. Admission is free, but donations to support the talented musicians are encouraged. 

Live Music in the Community Edinburgh
Live Music in the Community Edinburgh

Join us for afternoons of soulful melodies, delectable bites, and the shared joy of making a difference. Book a FREE ticket here or phone the café on 0131 557 7900 to book a table.

Live Music Four Square Cafe Edinburgh
Live Music Four Square Cafe Edinburgh



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