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Live in Leith - Live album recording with Full Fat, Groovedown and Megan Black.

Guest Blog Post

Recently, our jaws dropped in awe upon discovering this community event. So we invited its organizers to tell us more about it and encourage everyone to back this fantastic initiative.

''Music and the arts are in danger of being one of the things that fall by the wayside in this cost of living crisis, and we are aiming to make this an event for everyone to get something out of, whether it's a recording of their works or just an excellent night of music.

Unique events like this do amazing good by bringing together both performers and audiences alike. They are also rare, because in spite of the net good they do for the wellbeing of the music scene and the local community, they are expensive to run. So, we decided to make our own.''

On June 10th in the Pianodrome (The Wee Hub at Ocean Terminal), we are hosting a live album recording with Full Fat, Groovedown and Megan Black.

We aim to create professional studio-quality recordings of some excellent music and musicians in front of a live audience, essentially creating a "live album" for each band involved. In doing so, we aim to capture the energy and power of a live performance in a bunch of brilliant high quality tracks and we want you to be a part of it. We have done this before in our hometown of Aberdeen and both the album recording and the album launch were sell-out events, we hope to replicate that success in Leith, for both ourselves and the wonderful community we find ourselves in.

We have 3 goals for this gig:

  • Play a great show and make the gig a memorable event for all involved

  • Give each artist a high quality set of recordings of their music free of charge

  • Make this event affordable for anyone who wants to take part

This is also a community event so the local Leith Academy band will be opening the show for the 3 acts that will perform throughout the night.

Link to tickets:

Pay what you can afford pricing:

Use our Beer52 link - we get money for everyone who orders a free case of beer!

Donate directly to our GoFundMe - link:

We wish this fantastic team all the best with the event!

Follow the bands:

3 Male group shot - FullFat (



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